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Day 23: Letter from my mother

There’s a box under the bed that holds letters from the past. And I forgot how many letters were in Read More →

A day of celebration

**Day 22 of the Challenge wants me to put my ipod on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs. First, I Read More →

Day 21: Lessons for my children

What children!? Since there are no children around for us yet, I decided to write a few wisdom lessons a Read More →

Day 20: Celebrity crushes

  From yesterday’s post of my first love to Celebrity Crushes on Day 20. A girl can only dream, right!? And Read More →

An unexpected delivery

I work in a place that has only three offices: my boss’s, mine, and the foreman’s. The foreman is always out and Read More →

Day 19: About my first love

  Day 19 and Talking about my first love Well, this post makes me go back to elementary school times. Read More →

Day 18: 30 Facts about myself

Day 18 – 30 Facts about myself I could never be a waiter. For the life of me I can never Read More →

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