I built a fence!

YES, That’s right “I” built the fence. 🙂 Mitchell took some time off from the farm and went to visit family Read More →

Mom’s happy to be back home

As we said our fair wells on the North American continent, 20some hours later we talked again, when mom reached Read More →

At the Conservation Park

We took miss Tia out to the Conservation Park. She’s been here once before and Mitchell warned me that she Read More →

My mom – My hero

<<Featured image credit: www.huffingtonpost.com>>   Everyone should, if they don’t already do, know their mother is a hero! A hero Read More →

Niagara Falls, Canada

The ever beautiful Canadian landmark. We visited the Falls today and had a blast. We crossed into US too and Read More →

House is up for sale!

This happened last night! The “for sale” signs went up and I cried a little inside. I love it where Read More →

Fatherly love

My dad and I are very close. But it wasn’t always the case. You see, my parents divorced when I Read More →

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