Burning night

The moon last night was gorgeous! and it was supposed to look like this in all dozen pictures that I took with my phone and camera…

GAZA CITY, GAZA STRIP - MARCH 03: The earth's shadow passes over the moon for the first total lunar eclipse in three years March 3, 2007 over Gaza City, Gaza Strip. The next full lunar eclipse will occur on August 28, 2007. (Photo by Abid Katib/Getty Images)

But just as you guessed it, it was just a pinkish spot on a black screen…too bad to even post it here, and I hated it! All this technology and it could not even capture what I could clearly see with my naked eyes… I eventually gave up. I went back inside to grab a long sleeve zip-up and came back on the deck to actually take in all that beauty. Tia followed in my shadow and spent a few minutes at my feet. And then just like that she got up and went back inside to snuggle back up in her little “nest”, on the bean bag. She went back to sleep soothed by a little toy lamb she carried around in her mouth. As I sat there, all bundled up in the chair, I started thinking about this time of the year and what we have accomplished so far. These nights follow me closely when Summer starts to fade away and Fall tries to set in. The days feel smaller and a sense of melancholy hoovers over me. I tend to sit on the deck for a few minutes at night and watch the moon and pray for a quiet Winter, because that’s what is quick to follow after… All you hear is quietness, lonely crickets calling each other, toads in their competing cacophony, and dogs barking at other strange noises. It’s all so peaceful and empowering.

After a while I came back inside and slid into bed with a big smile on my face, re-energized and ready for another day. I felt at peace with it all.

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  1. Hi, Laura! Just a quick visit to read from your blog 🙂 I am enjoying your posts and felt the same about not getting a good photo of the blood moon, as well. Btw, I love chickens and yours are lovely 🙂 Blessings to you!

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