Canasta with Rummy tiles


Canasta is originally a card game of the rummy family of games believed to be a variant of 500 Rum. Although many variations exist for two, three, five or six players, it is most commonly played by four in two partnerships with two standard decks of cards. Players attempt to make melds of seven cards of the same rank and “go out” by playing all cards in their hand. It is the only partnership member of the family of Rummy games to achieve the status of a classic

Romanian Canasta with Rummy tiles is played in four players, creating two teams; teammates must sit face to face.


– all Rummy tiles are used, including the 2 jokers

– the tiles are stacked in 15 stacks of 7 tiles

– after stacking, the one tile left over is used to determine the beginning of the shares

– each player  gets 14 tiles each (2 stacks), and the player on the right of the dealer receives 15 discards first; all players play with 14 tiles at the begining

– the rest of the stacks are left in the middle

– first player doesn’t draw any tiles. He/she discards any one tile from the 15 given


– in the first round (hand), each player needs at least 50 points – without wildcards – to display on the table
(ideal display = 1.1.1 for 75p)

– #2 tiles and jokers are considered wild cards

– each player then take one tile at the time from the stack and discards an unwanted tile

– the game is played counter-clockwise

– when melds are created, and displayed on the table, the teammates could keep melding to make more points

– the playing stack can not be taken until one of the team players displays melds on the table

– when your team is on the table (displayed), that team may take the working pile in the middle (only if you make 3 tiles of the same value), and for that, the player in question must have in hand two tile of same number as the one he/she wants to take; the 3 tiles meld will now be displayed on the table. The player in question also needs to discard an unwanted tile – that signifies the end of his/her turn

– at the time of taking the middle pile, it is wise to spend time and try to create as many Canasta as one can

– first hand stops when the tiles finish (draw) or when a team closes

– a team can close only after they formed a canasta on the table

– closing means to discard all tiles from your board (add to the melds on the table)

– use one last card to close (the one that you would otherwise discard to the middle pile)

– you cannot close with a #3. If you have all 4 of them, you can keep to the side (out of the game)

– at the end of each hand, the points are calculated and added up for each team. (the Canasta separate and each tile at the time)

Score keeping

4-5 = 5 points

6-13 = 10 points

#2 wildcard = 20 points

Joker wildcard = 50 points

#1 = 25 points

#3 red or yellow = 100 points

if one team has all 4 #3s (red and yellow), the score doubles = 800 points

#3 black or blue (if caught with at the end of a game) = -100 points

Clean Canasta of 7 tiles with the same number = 500 points (i.e 12 12 12 12 12 12 12)

Dirty Canasta = 300 points (ie. 5 5 5 5 2 2 J)

Wildcards Canasta = 2500 points

Clean Canasta of #1 = 1500 points

Dirty Canasta of #1 = 700 points

Closing = 100 points

Tiles meaning

#1, #4-13 = regular tiles

#2 or Joker = wildcard = can be used in melds

#2 or Joker wildcard = any player can block the opposing team by placing this tile on top of the pile (pile of stones that formed up in time)

#3 (black and blue) = block the next player (your opponent on the right) from taking the working pile

#3 (yellow and red) = change with another tile and place at the side on your board = + 100p at the end of the hand in question

Canasta = total of 7 stones melds

Clean Canasta = 7 stones of same number

Dirty Canasta = at least 4 tiles of same number and a max of 3 wild cards

Rules to display on the table

– The wild cards amount used must always be less than the amount of the numbered tiles

* with 50p (melds with # stones, no wild cards) you can take the middle pile only if you display another 2 tiles of the same number

When a team has exceeded 1499 points (total for that hand) next hand will follow the next rules:

* with 90p (melds with max 1 wild card can be used)

When a team has exceeded 2999 points (total for that hand) next hand will follow the next rules:

* with 120p (melds with up to 2 wild cards)

When a team has exceeded 4999 points (total for that hand) next hand will follow the next rules:

* with Canasta (melds with a max of 3 wild cards)


WINNING TEAM: must accumulate +10.000p and close that hand


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