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I love garlic! and started loving it when I noticed Mitchell cooked with it ALL the time… Now, I use Read More →

It’s a doggie dog life!

It’s a dog eat dog world! (Who came up with that anyway??)   They all love to be outside together! Read More →

Chicken dinner

Our home grown chicken is delicious! If cooked the right way. Else, it tends to be a bit tough and Read More →

Mox-Mox and Rox-Rox

Mox-Mox and Rox-Rox turned 6 today! and even though they come across as two lazy cats, they are full of Read More →

I built a fence!

YES, That’s right “I” built the fence. 🙂 Mitchell took some time off from the farm and went to visit family Read More →

House is up for sale!

This happened last night! The “for sale” signs went up and I cried a little inside. I love it where Read More →

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