Chicken dinner

Our home grown chicken is delicious! If cooked the right way. Else, it tends to be a bit tough and chewy. That is the down side of free range chicken meat. The muscles have been put to work and they lose their tenderness through time. The older the chicken, the more you need to keep the meat to cook. It helps is you thaw the meat in a bowl full of water. There’s a saying in Romanian that goes like this: “gaina batrana face ciorba buna” — translation word by word the old chicken makes the good soup. And in its own reality, it’s the truth – older chickens are good mostly for soups. They need a long time to boil (about 2 hours on medium heat) and all that broth then is used to create the most delicious soups you’ve ever tasted! And I love soups and that’s one of the reasons we raise chickens the way we do.

The other day I read about duck being cooked slowly in the oven and decided to try the same with the meat from one of our layers. I know, there’s not much meat to have, but given I was cooking for one, since Mitchell is still away, I decided to give it a try. The recipe called for an oven safe container with lid, the meat with spices,  a little bit of water to cover the bottom of the container, and the oven set for 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep the chicken in there for about 6-8 hours and you will love the results. You will say that slow cooker does the same thing, and you might be right! I tried game meat in the slow cooker and it was to die for! I will try our own chicken meat in there next time too and keep you posted.

For this recipe I decided to use my Pampered Chef stoneware bowl and I set the oven right before I went to bed to run over night. I knew that about 8.5 hours later I’ll have to get up anyway and so the timing worked perfectly. And the results were finger liking good! I arranged the part with the breast facing down, so it gets all the moisture it needs, but it still turned out a little dry, but nothing a little ketchup couldn’t fix!

IMG_20150809_202244  IMG_20150809_202314  IMG_20150810_184610

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