Coloring books are bugged

Apparently so! At Christmas time I gifted an adult coloring book and I received one too. It might have to do with the fact that I’ve been talking for awhile about this new, crazy trend of adults coloring for fun 😉 . As you know, among other activities, coloring is introduced to children early on to encourage concentration and to keep them busy for a little longer until you finish chores around the house.

A few days ago, I happened to stumble upon a blog post about some adult coloring books being evil, and according to the author, Christians should stay away from them because of some of the pictures they contain. The pictures in question are of the mandalas.



Mandala (Sanskrit: मण्डल, lit, circle) is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Indian religions, representing the universe. In common use, mandala has become a generic term for any diagram, chart or geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically; a microcosm of the universe. (Wikipedia)

This is an example of a mandala and it might have a deep significance in some religions, but to most people (me included) it just looks like a really pretty abstract drawing. A pattern of ‘infinite’ shapes with no specific meaning and a relentless eye candy.


Then someone had to go ruin it! A Christian who also believes yoga is an evil practice rather than a way to relax and distress. I was born and raised a Christian, I read the scripture and went to church, but I was also taught to keep an open mind about other believes and different people out there. I feel that if it were inadmissible for people to color mandalas, they would not be allowed to be printed in coloring books. And I really think it’s a big stretch to look at it as “if the enemy can get a Christian to stare at a mandala because they are coloring it, he can have them absentmindedly focus their attention on the image and they will unknowingly open up their subconscious to this image in almost the same way”. My mind is not that weak! I really feel that the author is making a lion out of a cat and that’s quite scary! There are so many conspiracy theories out there, we really don’t need another one about an innocent circle shaped picture…

I was brought up to mind my own business when it comes to religion and politics. A personal opinion is just that, ‘personal’, and just because a symbol of spiritual enlightenment didn’t originate with Christianity, it does not make it evil. I think it has to do with one’s perspective and how different people view this. One should not give much thought over something good or innocent. Coloring is an activity that is making people disconnect, it is calming and it is healthy for the brain. Too many gadgets nowadays have the power to destroy brain cells and have people live their lives like robots. I feel as though this article will send some people into feeling they have unknowingly worshipped something they didn’t mean to or opened a door to something un-Christian. I truly believe that’s not true! I believe one has to knowingly stray away from the path or knowingly open a door to sin. And I might feel this way because my heart fell in love with a non-Christian. And that’s ok to me, because we respect each other’s personal beliefs and neither of us push it onto the other to think or act differently.

If you think some of the adult coloring books are a bunch of pages that open some portal to an evil land, that’s ok too. You don’t have to buy the books with mandalas in them 🙂 I don’t. It’s mostly because I am not a big fan of abstract. I like to see ‘something’ as an end result, so I get the ones with landscapes, farm animals and Disney characters. You’re only as old as your inner child 😉. There is a huuuuggggeeeee variety of themes and sub-themes out there! Lots of cities, buildings, secret gardens, hidden treasures, a whole bunch to satisfy anyone’s desire to shut down the brain and just color. And if you cannot find any that you like, that’s no problem, search sites have an even more variety of coloring pages that you can print and color.

And guess what!? You’ll feel pretty great after you finish coloring even a few pages!


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