…about farming

Sugar Mountain Farm — everything about pigs!

The chicken chick — everything about chickens!

Nourishing Days — stories from the farm. and pictures!

Life on a BC Cattle Ranch — stories from the cattle ranch

Deep Roots at Home — stories about family and the home

The Elliott Homestead — stories from the Elliott’s

Taylor Made Homestead – stories from the farm. and life hacks!

The Farmstead — stories from the farm. and goats!

LTD Farm “Living the Dream” — stories from the farm. and ducks!

Country.City.Me — searching for the real. and urban homesteading!

Bee Tree Farm — stories from the farm. and bees!

Idlewild Alaska — stories from the farm. and Alaska!

The Horse and Man — the bond between horses and people

Whole family learning — stories about family. and homeschooling!

…about everything else

The Bloggess — everybody needs to get to know Jen!

The world’s common tater — writings about everything

Buffalo Schitzel — lovely writings about life as an ex-pat

halfa1000miles — very humorous writings about anything

Tales from the Cabbage Patch — stories about everything. and Canada!

Still not a journal – writings for her own amusement since 1987. and Australia!

Kay Ray I am — tales of a gypsy nurse

My life in rambles — no need for further description

The next delusion — seeing reality and looking the other way

Freethinkers Anonymous  — a different story about stories

Just pondering — tales about life’s weirdness and wonder

Nasim Mansuri — documenting life encounters through beautiful writings

Susi Lovell — lovely short stories

Only 100 words — 100 words tales

Olive these words — lovely short stories

Squirrels in the Doohickey — stories about life’s observations

The girl who fear oblivion — writings about everything

Mara Eastern — a compilation of pictures and stories

Sunglow and me — writings about everything

Brutally Honest — short stories

A Writer’s Cauldron — an assortment of stories and fanfiction

S.V Cambria — everything about life on a boat

Happily Hostile — documenting the failings as an adult

A Nenes Life — writings about everything

Finding the Universe — travel virtually with Laurence and Jessica

Spoken like a true nut — writings about everything

Not quite old — writings about everything

Becoming Cliche — writings about life. and the zoo!

Stuff and What if… — writings about Stuff and What if’s

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