Day 10: What I feel strongly about

Day 10 and it’s all about what I would probably argue about to the end of time, if someone thinks otherwise ūüėÄ

What I feel strongly about

Let’s talk about dogs. I love talking about dogs.¬†They are awesome, and cuddly and all so cute¬†when they are puppies.

And then they grow big and they are not so cuddly and friendly anymore. Lack of training does that, especially to a big dog. And then they end up in shelters or classifieds’ websites.

And to think it all started with any one of us wanting that dog. A cute and cuddly dog. And then we think there¬†must be something wrong with the dog, else why, oh why, would they act this way… chew the couch, table, shoes, furniture… bolt every time the door is open and/or jump on every person they meet… go in the trash, eat off the counter, do their business in the house… etc…etc… just ask the people that were dissatisfied with their last dog(s)

But why did that happen? What went wrong??

THERE WAS VERY LITTLE RESEARCH PUT INTO GETTING THAT DOG!¬†…¬†the kids wanted a dog … my wife loves boxers … my husband can’t live without a German¬†Shepherd … I¬†wanted to save a soul from the shelter … I needed to rescue this dog from¬†Craigslist … I saw so-and-so had this same breed and I fell in love with it … and so on… and so on…¬†

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People fail to do extended research on the dog breeds. Why are there so many breeds? Рwhich one is best for my living situation? how big are they going to get? Рwhat do they eat and how much? Рare they good with children? other pets? Рhow much training and time is involved to build a well rounded and confident adult? Рhow much exercise is needed?

Never set a dog up for failure

Ever wondered why a Golden Retriever breed has ‘retriever’ in it’s name? or why a Border Collie will be an absolute nuisance if not given something to do (like¬†herding)? or why a Great Pyrenees will jump at the throat of any and all dogs it considers a threat? or why a Great Dane requires regular, adult food from Day 1, when they learn to eat solids?

Chrystal Ems over at Emsoff Livestock Company has posted on Facebook a great video demonstrating the difference between the instinct of a LGD and a herder.

All these and others need to be considered when looking for your next canine companion. Considering that every breed of dog is a member of the same species (Canis lupus familiaris, regardless of its coat, shape or size), something else might determine their purpose in life. Through history, scientists believe that part of the genetic overlap between some modern dogs and wolves is the result of interbreeding after dog domestication and not a direct connection with one line of wolves. According to the studies, the earliest dogs may have first lived among hunter-gatherer societies and adapted to agricultural life later and that dogs are more closely related to each other than to wolves, regardless of geographic origin  Рas they do not descend from a single line of wolves.

Fun Fact:¬†Lots of dogs were raised to be the best possible hunters, such as the dachshund, which was bred to get in to badgers’ setts with their low, narrow entrances – hence its name, which means ‘badger dog’ in German.

One artist has created a dog family tree that highlights the diversity of dogs and how breeds are interconnected. And I think it sheds a lot of light on the relationship between the dog breeds, their full potential, as well as which category each dog belongs to. The dog family tree diagram is available for sale as a limited edition print at¬†Pop Chart Lab.¬†The website has a great way to zoom and “interact” with the chart,¬†which I wasn’t able¬†replicate here.¬†

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There are countless websites that go into depth about each breed, and countless more that show a quick, bullet point, run down on basic and important traits of each breed. Please don’t overlook any aspect of owning a dog. Do extensive research way before purchasing a dog and I advice always using a reputable breeder (not a puppy mill). Rescuing dogs comes with its own responsibility and definitely time that needs to be put into shaping the dog. I strongly believe 8/10 dogs that end up in shelter suffer from separation anxiety because they were not properly taught when they were young how to deal with that kind of emotion…


Great Pyrenees


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