Day 11: “What if…”

Day 11: Something I always think “What if…” about

I am a firm believer in “everything happens for a reason”, therefore there is very little I can say about “what if” situations.


I think the biggest ‘what if’ situation would have to be what if I’ve never left Romania. I would have finished high school and moved on to university (probably in Bucharest) and most likely major in Finance…mom always said I have the brains for numbers. Just as everything happens for a reason, I majored in Human Resources and I currently work as a bookkeeper 😀 no, I will not pursue further into accounting, to get certified…I don’t love numbers all that much! 

Mom would’ve moved to the countryside just as she did, and I would’ve stayed in our apartment in the city (which she ended up selling a few years ago and gifted me my share to help with buying our country property). I would’ve stayed in my natal city, most likely, and would’ve walked or used the transit to go to work Mon-Fri, as resources are hard to come by to buy a car. I would’ve spent my weekends at mom and step-dad’s house in the countryside. Vacations would’ve been spent at grandma’s house or lounging on the Black Sea beaches. Maybe I would’ve gotten a dog or a cat. I really wonder who I would’ve met to fall in love with. Would I have been married by now? With kids? How many?

But what if I would’ve really pursued the flight attendant dream career I had during a moment of  “what should I do with my life after school” (I had the connections to at least try) and find me a handsome dude abroad. I would’ve moved then too. I would’ve left Romania and with Romania being part of the European Union and the borders being open, I would’ve tried my best to find a way to leave.

What if I would’ve found a foreign company to work for, and prove myself worthy, and ask for a transfer. What if I would’ve just decided to take the train and stop in the next English speaking country and try my luck at life! I would’ve still left Romania… I would’ve traveled, with work or just for pleasure, and I would’ve settled in a land where it felt right.

My dad was already here, so I might’ve come to visit regularly. And I might’ve asked for a hand to help me with filing paperwork to move here, or maybe the States. And I would’ve left Romania…

And spin it many more times, I most likely would have tried to leave, pursue a new path, start a new career, marry and have kids, and live happily every after. And in doing so, years would have past, I would have turned 30 and wiser, with or without a man by my side, and with or without kids in my life (most likely without, as my focus would have been to provide a stable foundation first and then bring new people into this world).

GUESS WHAT!? the globe spun many times, I graduated, I found a good job, then changed a few jobs, I landed on my feet on a good countryside property I call home, got myself a good, loving man (ya, he’s handsome too!) and I’m 30 and wiser, and not married and no kids because I *we* am still working on creating that base for our future as a family unit. So no matter what would have happened differently, no matter where life would have taken me IF I would have chosen a different path, I would have left Romania either way… because everything happens for a reason! I would have done exactly what I am doing now, and I would probably have the same mentality about things as I have now because it was written to be this way.

I will forever be grateful about what I have and have accomplished and have only to thank my parents (and step parents) for their sacrifices, support and encouragement, and for providing a great, stable foundation and watch me grow! and keep growing older and wiser hopefully 😉

and there’s no ands, ifs or buts about it! 



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