Day 12: Five blessings

…oh, good old Friday is here and the Challenge takes me to Day 12 and Five Blessings in my life

  1. 85dc18cb4First and foremost absolutely has to be a blessing to have my parents and step-parents. Close relatives are of importance too, as they were a support group for my parents and step-parents. I’ve been blessed to have two moms, two dads, two brothers and one sister, that I admire and care for very much. All with their little quirks and personal humor, all from different backgrounds, with different careers and hobbies that I was happy to learn about and be part of their lives. I love that we can all get together as a one big happy family and share funny stories and “remember when” moments. My grandparents are also included in this category, as without their personal experiences I would’ve never been able to learn how things were “back in the day” (not the same to just read about it) and without them I wouldn’t know how my parents really were when they were my age
  2. Secondly, I am blessed to have met a handful of close friends. I try to keep in touch as much as possible, and I am always happy to know that they are all a phone call or a text message away.
  3. Thirdly, and only because of when I met him, has to be Mr HandsomeMan. At times I wonder how he puts up with all of me! I have to say we are very similar with our thoughts and decision making, but I’ve surprised him a few times with my train of thought and he had to bring me back from lalaland. There are arguments and disagreements and we yell and we laugh at/with each other, but we never go to sleep mad.
  4. My animals fall in forth. Looking forward to expand this forth blessing with many more animals. They each come with their own blessing in disguise. I learned a little bit about their world from each and one of them. I really wish they could just tell us what they are thinking about when they stare blankly and look right through us. Throughout life, animals brought tears to my eyes – tears of joy just as powerful as tears of sadness. I cried like a little girl when I dropped off the kittens to be fixed and cried some more when I had to care for Roxie’s extended surgery (she had a little hernia fixed same time with the spay). I wept when my grandmother’s horse Doina passed away at 25 and I also cried uncontrollably when my first chicken died, in my arms, in the laundry room. Tears of joy fell when we first brought Tia home and when Maya and Zeus became such independent little puppies and proved their worth.
  5. tumblr_mfrih202Sv1qlgahpo1_400Last, but not least, I am blessed with myself! my whole 5’10”, brown eyed self that I could always count on! They say you might be crazy when you start talking to yourself, but I do that most times I am alone (so nobody has any proof). I encourage myself about things I’m about to do or just repeat my thoughts out loud to hear how stupid I might sound lol I am blessed with good health and strong will power; blessed with hunger for knowledge and guts to try things my way too. I am also blessed with common sense and a good sense of humor to help brush off any negativity that comes my way. I believe in a higher power that makes or breaks us and I am blessed to be able to steer through life with my chin held up.


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// click the picture to view 30 Days Challenge post //

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