Day 13: All about excitement

We reached the second weekend and today I am supposed to write on the subject of What I am excited about, on Day 13 of the Challenge.

Kitchen window thermometerWell, let me first start with what I am not so excited about … going out in this weather! According to my kitchen window thermometer, temperature dipped to -26C/-14.8F over night, and I fear to go outside to feed everyone knowing that it feels far worse with the windchill. I decided to warm up really good with coffee first, then I’ll bundle up from my nose to my toes and go outside. I will probably bring the dogs in for a bit too, to thaw and spend some time indoors with me. Mitchell is at a sleepover at work with a couple of his co-workers, doing what computer techs do with servers, and computers, and software… and play pool while waiting on the updates to finish or play PC games in teams…you know, cool (geeky) stuff 😉 Although, I shouldn’t say that, without his help I would not be able to enjoy binging on TV shows, which is one of the things that makes me really happy!

But back to what I am excited about 🙂

Right this moment I am excited about going camping this summer. Because it’s been a very long time. I booked a camp site at one of the Provincial Parks for Canada Day long weekend. A camp site that we’ve been to before and enjoyed very much. Camping is one of the many things I like to do to relax and disconnect from the real world. My dad and step-mom took me camping for the very first time when I was 13 and first came to visit. That was also the first time I went fishing. And the first time I went fishing with my dad. He taught me a few tricks of the trade and showed me that it could be a fun activity and rewarding at the same time. I admit I am not too fond of spending the time to setup camp, blow up the mattresses, and secure the tarps, but all that becomes “child’s play” when food cooked over the fire gets put on the table, the marshmallows come out, and everyone’s much happier sitting around the fire sharing stories and playing charades. The sun, all day swimming, card playing and just plain chatting is more soothing than any other therapeutic activity. It is a great way to disconnect and actually connect personally and really catch up with each other’s lives.

Oastler Lake Provincial Park 2011 - 'I was reading the instructions our the new tent'

Oastler Lake Provincial Park July 2011 – ‘I was reading the instructions for our new tent’


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