Day 15: Bullet-point my day


Today, most of the provinces of Canada, including Ontario, celebrated Family Day. Today was also Day 15 of the Challenge and a quick Bullet-point of my day.

A long weekend and I did a whole bunch of nothing. Saturday morning I went to pickup Mitchell from his sleepover. I took Tia and my laptop with me and we spent a few hours at his office, Tia playing with 2 of the boss’s dogs, and me hugging the internet. Sunday we woke up fairly late, tidied up the house a little bit, and went back to his office for a couple of hours. Laptop came with me again to watch some videos online.

Today went like this:

  • woke up around 7:30am
  • went outside to feed the chickens and the dogs
  • spent some time with the dogs; Tia decided a game of chase is in order
  • Mitchell made breakfast – toast with butter and tea
  • we got ready and drove back to his work – he said 3-4 hours he needs to work on computers
  • I picked up more food from an all-day breakfast across the road from his office
  • from 10:30-11am, when we got there, and until 7pm that I decided I really need to go home, I watched the whole season of American Horror Stories: Coven while working on a cross stitch project. (comfy chair, blankie and 13 episodes of 40 mins each gave me lots of time to get ahead on my project)
  • I got back home and went out back to check on the chickens, I closed up the coops
  • I fed the dogs as well and made myself some toast with tea
  • By 9:40pm I was ready for bed. I flipped through a few pages of a book until I fell asleep.

Most winter weekends go by this way. Mon-Fri is pretty boring, wake up, feed everyone, get ready for work, work, get back home, feed everyone, eat, sleep – wake up and do it all over again… waiting for retirement lol But our plans are a little different, we hope to grow this hobby farm and “retire” sooner rather than later. Summer time, day and weekends become busy with work outside, improvements to the land, coops, and house. Late sunsets help keep the days all packed with lots of activities. 


// click the picture to view 30 Days Challenge post //

// click the picture to view 30 Days Challenge post //

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