Day 16: What I miss

Day 16 – Something that I miss

in the forestContinuing yesterday’s bullet-point frenzy with today’s compilation of what I miss

  • I miss being in middle school when my only job was to do good in school, as mom used to say. I miss the care-free living; a time when all I could think about was how quick can I finish my homework so I can go out with my friends. 
  • I miss my friends back home; all the late nights we used to spend chatting, playing ping-pong, or just walking in the park
  • I miss my grandparents. I saw them 3 years ago, but a few days does nothing to years of absence. I wish I could spend months at their house again, being mischievous and a good house help. The well doing always outweighed the trouble making and grandma would only tell about the good stuff to my mom 😉

I actually don’t know what else to write about… This is a weird post and I feel like it’s asking me to list things I miss that cannot have back, which it’s partially untrue because anything I really miss I could do over again… like traveling through Europe with my mom, spend an all inclusive vacation in the Caribbean with my dad, lock the doors and go away with Mitchell on a getaway (we need a farm sitter first lol). But all these are doable, the ones I listed are hard to do over… I can’t turn back time, I cannot change my past, I can only tell my kids about it and have them understand the importance of those youth years and how to cherish their own childhood… and then they can go ahead and make their own decisions in what they want to do, as I did when mom told me about her childhood years lol

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// click the picture to view 30 Days Challenge post //

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