Day 17: Zodiac sign and fit

Day 17 – Post about your zodiac sign and whether or not it fits you

One of my favorite posts.

I was born under the Aries sign (March 21 – April 20). I used to talk about signs a lot and ask people all the time what their sign was to see if I could guess some of the characteristics. Not many people shared my excitement and, over the years, that feeling faded away.


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I do believe that being born under different signs makes us very unique and there’s a certain path we follow based on that. In a way the stars dictate how we turn out to be (spiritually) and we can take advantage of that and shape ourselves to be successful. Embrace all the gifts each sign presents.


The Chinese zodiac shows ties between characteristics of people born in different years, and/or from different generations, and yet that they connect on a higher level. A great example I have is that I was born under the same sign with my grandmother from my dad’s side – The Ox (Bull). It does not matter that I was born in April and my grandmother in March, the “shared” attributes show themselves when it comes to how we really are. And as the picture above mentions, we are good leaders, conservatives in nature and horny as hell – they talk about the actual horns, right!? 😉

Oxes are known for diligence, dependability, strength and determination. Having an honest nature, Oxes have a strong patriotism for their country, have ideals and ambitions for life, and attach importance to family and work. These things reflect the traditional characteristics of conservatives. Women belonging to the Ox zodiac sign are traditional, faithful wives, who attach great importance to their children’s education. The most disadvantageous trait in Oxes is poor communication skills. They are not good at communicating with others, and even think it not worthwhile exchanging ideas with others. They are stubborn and stick to their own ways.

Yes. Yes, to the whole paragraph. At the back of my head these stand ground. Especially the stubbornness… and the power I have to fight a battle until I prove I am right or it just might have to go my way. I learned to compromise over the years, because we have to, but there’s very little give and take when it comes to something that I feel strongly about. I don’t find it not worthwhile exchanging ideas with others – I find it that I always second guess myself in making major decisions. I seek constant approval for things I am about to do that I don’t feel so strong about.

As the symbol of hard work, Ox people always work hard at everything and stick to finishing it. Possessing a serious and responsible attitude toward work, they can come up with different approaches to their task. With a keen eye for details and an admirable work ethic, they are competent in such careers as agriculture, manufacturing, pharmacy, mechanics, engineering, draftsmanship, artistry, politics, real estate, interior design, painting, carpentry, or quarry work.

Guess what I really want to be when I grow up? A farmer. But it wasn’t this all the time – this dream came to really be within the last 3-5 years. I don’t just have a wish for all things farm related, I have done a lot of research and stocked a lot of amu-knowledge away for the future, when I’ll need it most (as soon as the house sells). My parents guided me through a path of books knowledge and career oriented dreams. I guess deep inside there was a flickering light that attracted me to that kind of living: simply, sustainable, and with you animals. There was a seed waiting to germinate and grow into a beautiful plant, yearning for sunshine.

Ox people are not good at communicating with others, so they have less social intercourse. They prefer to stay alone and enjoy solitude instead of participating in group activities. They treat friends sincerely and count much on friendship.

Huh. This is true as well, of course. A true introvert over here… As I mentioned in other posts I prefer to work independently; I am a good team player as well, but it drains a lot of energy when I have to – school projects were a pain in the back. I liked better to work in partners, rather than groups (3+ people). I love to play board games in 4-6 or 8 people, but I have to admit it gets a little too competitive for my liking when we play in teams and my partners really wants to win (yup, dad, I’m looking at you :P)

e804a1Back to the Aries Zodiac. The image on the right sums up pretty good the qualities of Aries and how I am – a good fit lol A different picture also mentioned that people might find the Aries to be lazy. Also true, I’ve been told that before and I move at my own pace regardless.

Lucky colors, based on both zodiacs, are white, yellow, green, and red. My favorite colors? Dark green and burgundy – check mark!

Despite both zodiacs displaying that I am less compatible with Pisces (and Dragons), so far my relationship with Mitchell has been strong, and our common goals and visions sure keep us on our toes together. Of course there is the occasional feather ruffling, but overall we get along great…as long as we don’t disagree on different projects hahahaha but them we try to compromise and come to a common ground.


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Footnote: the pictures of the Zodiac signs, and more from Yuhon, can be found here.

I also found this really cool website (Society 6) that has different accessories that can be purchased with the zodiac logo.




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