Day 19: About my first love



Day 19 and Talking about my first love

Well, this post makes me go back to elementary school times.

Back in Romania, when you go into first grade, you pretty much have the same class mates until 8th grade (give or take 2-3 people that transfer in or out of the class). The classes are divided to have roughly equal amount of students per homeroom teacher (which was about 25-30 students) and they would be numbered by grade and a letter to distinguish the room. For example, I was part of D room from first grade to eighth grade. At that time we had A to D. Also, another thing that is different is that the students stayed in one class for all periods and the teachers would come to the class… and from first grade to fourth grade we had only one teacher for all courses (she was a fantastic lady).

I believe I was in fifth grade that I shared my thoughts with my mom about this one boy in our class. I think I liked him from third or fourth grade, but maybe I didn’t say anything about it. I mean, we were together every day for 4 hours. He was very smart, funny and was into soccer. Most importantly, he was really cute. I remember I wanted to talk to him at recess, but was too shy. He would be out playing soccer with the other boys and us girls would sit at the side and talk about them. all.of.them lol I was always taller than my class mates (me and a boy). Pictures taken during first grade to fourth grade always had him and I as pillars at the edges. gosh, I hated that so much. Anyway, that’s one of the reasons I was shy to talk to him and I wanted to avoid other kids teasing me that I liked him. You know how the *kissing* song goes.

He eventually found out that I liked him by 6th grade. Nothing changed, as he didn’t like me and liked another girl in the class lol Then, I came to Canada to visit my dad and step-mom for the summer, and when I got back, and into 7th grade, I had a fresh mind and different likes. I started going after an 8th grader hahahaha

And so, my first love went on to become a professional soccer player, finished university on a scholarship and played for a national team. We kept in touch over the years through social media, and we got together with a bunch of other friends when I would go back to visit. We always laughed at all the “remember when” stories from our elementary school years. And you know what? He never grew tall enough to pass me hahahaha I laugh, but it was always a challenge to meet and fall in love with someone taller than me 

We ended up losing touch a couple of years ago.


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