Day 2: Something someone said about me I never forgot

Day Two of the challenge wants me to Write something that someone told me about myself that I never forgot.

I thought about this all yesterday afternoon and evening and very few things came to mind.

One of the things that did come to mind was actually a friendly advice I received during my university years – ‘if you smile, they’ll smile too’. This was said to me by a good friend after a rough breakup. It was in the context of ‘”how do you expect to meet someone else, if you walk around with a cloud over your head? Nobody is going to try to approach you when you look so depressed”. And I tried it and it worked! and I still use the thought today when approaching strangers I need to talk to.

1401When I worked at the bank, they taught us about ‘if you smile before you pick up the phone, the person on the other line will sense that in your voice’. As a teller I didn’t have to deal much with customers over the phone, but as a front desk coordinator, over the phone and face to face interactions were what the job was all about. Every time the phone would ring, the saying would ring in my head too.

I moved on from the banking industry, and both jobs after that required me to interact with customers over the phone. And that saying was repeated in my mind every time.

I think it’s a subtle gesture that goes a long way during any kind of interactions, be it face to face or over the phone. It is hard to express that in writing, in an email, or a comment on social media, but I guess that’s why they introduced the emojis – caution: not to be in a formal environment (could hurt your sense of professionalism)

As an introvert, human interaction drains every ounce of energy out of me and I try to limit that at all costs. I am super lucky to be in a work position that allows me to work independently and have few face-to-face and over the phone conversations. But every time it happens, I do it will a smile on my face!



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