Day 21: Lessons for my children

What children!? Since there are no children around for us yet, I decided to write a few wisdom lessons a few people taught me in this life.

Everything happens in due time. Mom used to tell me this constantly when I would complain that I am not allowed to do this, or that, or the other, because I am too young. Then the years zoomed by and when she comes over we sit on my porch, having coffee, and talk about all those times that I wanted to be a grown up and she told me to wait and enjoy the times as they were then.

Let me (or someone) know where you are at all times. Dad wanted me to really comprehend that Toronto is a big city, with lots of people of different backgrounds, opinions, views about things, and it would be very wise if I told him about my whereabouts at all times. He said it has nothing to do with being strict or over protective, but with being safe, and God forbid an unpleasant situation might arise, he would know where to find me or who to call.

Buy your own drinks. This advice came from my uncle on my mom’s side. We had a nice talk before I came to Canada and, through others, he mentioned about the dark side of boys and everyone reacts differently while intoxicated. But more importantly, everyone reacts differently to any drugs or powders slipped in your drinks while you’re not watching or before they bring the drinks back to you. So at the bar, buy your own drink, watch the bartender pour it, and never loose sight of your glass. And if it happens that you, get another drink.


Fake it ’til you make it.  Mitchell is a wise man that taught me a thing or two about different situations, trust, and serious or fake people. His gut feeling just knows. And he was right more times than I would like to admit.

Smile and they will smile too. Remember from Day 2, one of my friends gave me this great little advice about getting over one boy and meeting someone new. Well, it sure goes beyond that one scenario. Turn that frown around and face the day with a big smile and a positive attitude!


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// click the picture to view 30 Days Challenge post //

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