Day 23: Letter from my mother

There’s a box under the bed that holds letters from the past. And I forgot how many letters were in there and from who. I spent a couple of hours going through them, smiling and trying to transport myself to the moment I read those words for the first time. Through others, I found my old birthday cards (some musical ones too) that my dad sent to me over the years we spent apart and a letter from mom. She wrote it three years ago, after her visit to our new home, and after she helped us build a few things around the yard. She got a taste of this sweet cocktail we call farm life mixed with full-time jobs away from home. She put together a few words of inspiration. A letter that one day I will have to put together for my children. Without further ado, and with her permission…


letter from my mom


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// click the picture to view 30 Days Challenge post //

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