Day 3: Top three pet peeves



Onto Day Three, and it calls for listing Top three pet peeves.

  1. Oh, the number one is huge annoyance right now, and I happen to talk about it almost daily! We use a Brita jug for the drinking water and it’s placed in the fridge on the second shelf. Almost every day, Mitchell takes the jug, pours water, then “gently” places it back on the shelf and closes the door. Except, the door never closes properly because the handle hits the items that are placed on the door. I get so annoyed to find the fridge door slightly open and him to say “not me!”.
  2. Number two I have to say it occurs daily and that has to be distracted drivers! And it’s not just the cell phone user ones…it’s also the ones that try to eat (and not just crackers, but full on burgers or foods that require the use of a plastic fork!), the ones that put on makeup, the ones that shave, the ones that absolutely need that ‘something’ from the back seat, or the ones that try to take notes on paper or even read the paper while driving, and the ones that just gaze into the horizon and forget that they are a light AND first in line… I would even add the slow drivers being in the fast lane because constantly watching the speed is also a distraction and it really pisses off the whole line of cars behind that’s trying to pass! And they also must be distracted for not using the damn blinker (must be!)
  3. Hey! Number three is of a daily occurrence too and that’s when people don’t clear the microwave numbers at work. Why do they have to push 3 minutes and open the door after 30 seconds — why not stop pushing after 3 and just one 0 and make it a perfect “30”! then wait for the magic beep.

Other annoyances, just to make this to top 10 (for fun)

  • People who buy dogs because they look “cute” or on impulse and have to re-home them because they didn’t research the breed characteristics
  • People who leave shopping carts in the parking lot instead of taking them back to the corral
  • People who go the wrong way in a parking lot or try to enter through the EXIT doors and get annoyed that you want to go out first with a full shopping cart
  • People that don’t cover their mouth when coughing or sneezing
  • The “yes, but” people. Or “I don’t doubt you, but” people
  • People that clip their nails at work
  • Retail clerks that carry side conversations when trying to help you




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// click the picture to view 30 Days Challenge post //

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