For the love of chicken

Ask Mitchell any given day of the week what’s for dinner and he’ll only have one answer: CHICKEN! this boy grew up on chicken and water, and a lot of the freshest foods ever. The tropics treated him well, that’s for sure.

He turns his nose at left overs all.the.time and so dinner is always, ALWAYS cooked fresh and from scratch.

During the weekend I would cook a pot of soup to have for the week, and he won’t touch it past that evening. I have lunch ready to go every day because of that. And so, we work many hours a day at our full-time jobs, come home and feed everyone, and only after start to feed ourselves. My grandma always said the animals always eat first, then the kids and the elder and then the rest.

As we prepare for dinner, I personally try to keep the variety going, because if it was up to him we would eat chicken curry and rice or roti every night!

The nights we are too exhausted to cook or we run late on finishing errands (which happens often during the summer months), we have a nice “breakfast for dinner” treat — fresh eggs from our ladies and fresh bacon, which we get from farmer’s market every weekend.

So tonight we had chicken! but my kind of chicken – schnitzel. And schnitzel brings back lots of memories. The kind that come with lots of emotions. Memories of my childhood, and my best friend… memories of home.

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A really good friend of Mitchell’s once said that as Mitchell found me and we stuck together for so long and through it all, he found his home, the person to ground him, but also to elevate him to higher expectations and potentials! and the brick and mortar that keeps us together are the dreams we share, the quality of life we experience, and also the foods we cook for each other.

But every time he cooks, I become the sous chef, of course.

And every now and then I bring him to my home, my comfort zone full of European flavours and spices.

Every time I make schnitzel I also remember the times I was in my best friend’s kitchen, and we would do this together and throw some french fries on the side and really go to town with it! We shared stories, had a great time together, and create memories that we would cherish for the rest of our lives…

I give you my kind of schnitzel – chicken breast cut in half, length wise, tenderized and cut again into halves. After, the chicken is covered in batter by dipping it in egg and then flour and then egg again. If you want the batter to be a little fluffier on the chicken you do a double dip in both ingredients (flour, egg, flour, egg). The final dip is in a pan with a little bit of cooking oil brought to a sizzle temperature.

To top it all off, I turned on the oven to 450F and chopped some potatoes and set them aside in a pan to get nice and golden brown in 45 minutes. A generous splash of olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and a pinch of smokey barbecue rub were all it took to spice them up and give them the best flavour to complement the ever so tender schnitzel chicken.

By turning them every 15 minutes, it guaranteed a nice even roast and spared them from being mushy.

Dinner is served! Bon appetite!


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