I love garlic! and started loving it when I noticed Mitchell cooked with it ALL the time… Now, I use it in all my cooking as well, from plain roasted garlic or added to marination to garlic “juice” to complement fish or an omelette.


Since we moved to the country side, we bought our garlic, in season, from the farmer’s food supply store. Every fall we would stock up for next year. But last year, we bought additional bulbs and set the really good ones aside to be planted in our garden. Mid October, in a 4X8ft raised bed, I planted 18 (3X6) cloves and prayed that they all survive the harsh winters we have here and grow the next spring. Sure enough they all did! and it was so beautiful to watch them grow from little spades barely breaking the ground to tall stalks withstanding the winds and rain we’ve been getting lately… I trimmed down the scrapes, except one, and let the bulbs get bigger and bigger. This evening I felt it was the perfect time to try and take a couple out and see how they are doing. I learned from my grandma that a garlic plant is ready to be taken out only when all the leaves have dried up and the stalk look woody and feels really stiff to the touch. The two I tried came out beautifully and I was very impressed with the results. And I kept going, putting the little shovel in the ground next to them and taking the bulbs up by raising all the dirt. I cleaned them up and with the huge smile on my face I went to get the camera to capture the beauty of nature!

And I saved the scrape so I can do a little experiment and see what comes out next year.

11880366_6028    11866247_6028627_n

The rest, I tied them up in 3 bunches and left them outside to dry and cure so they don’t spoil.


… and that’s my love for garlic!

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3 Thoughts on “Garlic-mania

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  2. I always feared growing garlic! I don’t know why, but I always thought it’s such a mystery and I would not be able to get it right. I also feel that the curing part is so tedious…

    • You know I thought the same thing! And I really just went with “if it grows, it grows. I tried”. Garlic is not high maintenance for sure. First time curing so we’ll see if it hold for the winter.

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