Holy 40 Martyrs

Holy 40 Martyrs (English translation via Google from website) are commemorated by the Orthodox Church each year on March 9. These martyrs in the time of Emperor Licinius lived (308-324), a persecutor of Christians. Holy 40 Martyrs soldiers were Christians and were part of Legion XII Fulminata in Armenia. These were not just Roman origin, but also Greeks, Armenians mix with.

Finding out about their faith, Agricola, governor of Armenia, compelled to worship idols. Since they refused, they were jailed for eight days and beaten with stones. By divine signs were right but strengthened in faith. After the ordeal, the governor condemned to death by freezing lake Sebaste. At midnight, one of the 40 martyrs, came out of the water due to frost. Running toward warm bath, put those who worshiped idols, died. Those left to endure the frost began to pray: “Help us O God our Savior, eases our burden and alleviate fierce air, like unto thee we hope, not to be ashamed and to know all that we have saved crying out to you “. Following this prayer great miracles occurred: the lake water has warmed, the ice melted and 40 crowns glowing went down on the martyrs. One of the soldiers guarding amazed that at midnight a light from heaven heats water as a crown from the 40, came on martyrs, not over whom to sit, jumped into the water, confessing that he is a Christian.

Because they were removed from the lake live commanders had orders to crush feet with hammers. All martyrs have passed away from this torture. Their bodies were put into a car, to be taken to burning and then be thrown into the lake. Only Meliton, a young soldier, survived torture. Because breathing, soldiers not put him on the cart. His mother, knowing that the 39 ailing colleague had prepared the kingdom of heaven, takes son in my arms and go with him to put him in the car. If he wanted to save, it had to be devoid of faith in Christ. Meliton dies on the road, in the arms of his mother.

Forty Saints Martyrs are: Chirion, Candid, Lord St. Hesychius the Confessor, Heraclius, Smaragd, Evnichie, Valent, Vivian, Claudie, Prisca, Theodulus Eutychios Ion, Xantia, Ilian, Sisini, Aghios, Aetius, Flavia, Acacius, Ecdit , Lysimachus, Alexander, Elijah, Gorgon, Theophilus, Domitian, Gaius, Leonte, Athanasius, Cyril, Sacherdon, Nicholas, Valerie, Filoctimon, Severian, Hudion, Meliton, AGLA.

Christian Feast of the Holy Martyrs of Sebaste 40 overlapped the start of the traditional agricultural and generated a Romanian traditional holiday, martyrs or Mucenicii. In popular belief the day martyrs ending days old women, leaving room days land.Therefore, on this day are numerous rituals chasing frost, such as hitting the earth with sticks or mallets, uttering incantations in order to escape the heat and enter the cold, or the children’s game over fire. On 9 March in all rural communities was customary to remove plows the fields. After the fire plow was passed by the blacksmith (Faure) village, it was repaired, cleaned and purified. Between the plowman shall make arrangements to accompany the show, and in the morning of this day plow was brought in front of the house solemnly. That was when he opened actually cycle spring holidays sprinkled with numerous ways. Forty or forty-four martyrs?


The tradition of the Geto-Dacian were 44 martyrs, and as many days of March 9 and April 23. In some areas there until today belief that these saints were Florea Marian Simion 44. folklorist printed a legend, the Old Fratautul – Moldova, which talks of the 44 day Saints. But the Christian tradition says were 40 martyrs. In Bucharest, the relics of the Holy 40 Martyrs of Sebaste was at Antim Monastery, Hermitage Darvari at Church of the Icon, Church Mihai Voda Church Dichiu Street Icon and the church “Saint Alexius” on Calea Serban Voda. Testament of the Holy 40 Martyrs Testament of the Holy 40 Martyrs was dictated by them when they were in lake St. Meletios, bishop of Antioch. “So you away from lust and delusion worldly. For increasing world is deceptive and powerless, blooming for little and soon it withers grass garden. Receiving end faster than the beginning. Go rather to the loving people of God, who gives wealth not diminished those who trust in him and give the reward of eternal life to those who believe in Him. this time it is useful to those who wish to save, offering opportunity, for repentance, for practicing the true experiences of those who do not postpone anything for the future. for change life is unpredictable. and even if you know it, see what is useful and shows how this purity of faith, that through this to delete following the sins committed before. for in the state in which I find you, says the Lord, therefore you and judge you in. Sargu-will therefore be no mistaking the commandments of Christ, to escape the unquenchable fire and eternal. for the divine voice shout: time is short.Above all, honest love, because only she only fraternal love and respect duty to obey the law of God. For the brother saw it honors the invisible God. “


Recipe for martyrs: Housewives do in honor of the Holy Martyrs, 40 coils called saints, martyrs or Brad. In Moldova, they figure 8 and are baked buns, then anointed with honey and walnuts. In Dobrogea and Muntenia martyrs are smaller and are boiled in water with sugar, cinnamon and nuts symbolizing the lake were thrown Martyrs. They are taken to church to be blessed and then are eaten in the family. For the dough from which martyrs are needed 250 grams flour; 120 ml warm water and salt.

It indicated that in the evening of March 8 to make a dough from which to mold the martyrs. Martyrs are long and thin cords of coca, then make small circles or eights.Martyrs left overnight to dry on floured table. Over martyrs also sprinkle flour.

On the morning of March 9 martyrs pass through a sieve, that fall flour them, then boil in a soup prepared from the following ingredients: water, salt (a teaspoon), zest of one lemon (race) and sugar.

Martyrs are put in water only after it has boiled. It is important to put in boiling water with salt. Grate lemon peel when martyrs began to boil add the sugar. We realize that martyrs are cooked when they rise to the surface. Serve with walnuts and cinnamon powder.

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