I made new friends

Last month I was awarded the Liebster Award by a couple of very nice ladies and the small print of the award mentions to recognize new bloggers, and encourage writing and connecting in this very-virtual world we live in. This post is dedicated to recognizing some of the veterans, the ones that really and truly inspire little bloggers like myself! 

Over the last few years, I have been researching about all things farming – animal rearing, gardening, homemade do’s and don’t’s… overall, what to do to become more sustainable and have a working ecosystem in our backyard.  In the process I found a few great blogs, and, weeding through, I kept a handful of subscriptions, to further learn about their practices and experiences, from authors I felt closer to.

Since sharing is caring, I give you, in no particular order, a few blogs that made a difference in how we do things around here.

Virtual friends

The Chicken Chick – Kathy, the Chicken Chick, is an absolute chicken guru. Her extended knowledge and experience with chickens gives her a leading edge in the world of chickens. Her practical approach and down to earth sense of humor allow Kathy to connect, educate and share an appreciation for chickens. I learned a whole lot from her about chicken diseases and what to do; any new thing we encountered, we went looking for “what does the Chicken Chick say about it?”. Her Facebook page has over half a million followers! (Flock Focus Friday for ping back)

SugarMountainFarm – Walter and his wife run Sugar Mountain Farm in Vermont. I ‘met’ him when I searched for information on raising pigs naturally. I learned from Walter everything from A-Z about raising pigs on pasture and how to do it all the most natural, healthier, and how much fun it can all be! If pigs are an interest to you, Walter is the absolute best person to go to. His practices encouraged us to plan for raising pigs in our future. (Pig on pasture for ping back)

Nourishing Days – Shannon will definitely strike a chord with your heart. Her writing is so calm and uplifting, and her pictures speak louder than words! She tells beautiful stories of her family of seven, living modestly, while building a sustainable off-grid homestead. (Boots and Bonnets: a dirt story for ping back)

Life on a BC Cattle Ranch – Erika and Erika share their experiences on a cattle ranch. Their stories and life tips helped me understand cattle a bit more than just “I want a milk cow”. If you ever wondered what goes around in the beef industry and what rangers go through, Erika and Erika are there to help debunk some of the myths that are out there about beef production and the industry as a whole. (Meet you at the watering hole for ping back)

The Farmstead – Rachael knows goats! She is on a journey to soon open the doors to a Grade ‘A’ Goat Milk Creamery. Her journey ‘in words and pictures’ is absolutely beautiful! (The (tired) lucky ones for ping back)

Horse and man – I LOVE HORSES!! If you love them too, Dawn does such a beautiful job at portraying the relationship between horse and man. Did I mention I love horses? (Meet the crew for ping back)







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