Just be yourself!

In any given situation, you need to stand up and make things happen. You act and react in different ways throughout the day. You play different roles throughout life, and you learn from your mistakes. Hopefully. 

And then there’s all this pressure – don’t fake it, just be yourself! And make sure you fake it ’til u make it!

But be yourself in the process.










So be good and kind, and leave it all behind!

Stand out from the crowd, and follow your senses.

Join your family on this unknown journey with your head held up.

Follow everyone around, and give lots of attention. To. everyone. around. 

Befriend the cats! With every chance you get – push them, nose them, sniff them, and chase them around.

Always follow your kind and be great in the pack.

You will never be too big for mom’s lap. Never forget that!

Slobber on clothes is a sign of affection.









Nobody goes anywhere near the bathroom, unassisted.

Learn to hide things in your mouth.

If you can reach it, have it!

Befriend a cat!

Practice puppy eyes until you get it right every.single.time









Learn to spell W-A-L-K

Always be ready as soon as you hear Let’s go! Ready? Go for walk?

Conquer the couch and let them know who owns it!

Sleep all day.


A Great Dane’s life!


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