I need to be able to adult today

xmas moodI’ve been having a hard time playing the role of an adult around here. And I blame it on the constant, uninterrupted, most annoying weather changes!! I know we live in Canada, but yesterday we apparently broke the record for the coldest day of April 4th in about 30some years. It felt like -18°C (0°F) with the windchill in our neck of the woods… The night before, we also had a nasty snowstorm swooping through the Greater Toronto Area and within 15 hours, there were over 500 collisions reported EVERYWHERE!

The result? Yesterday I called in sick. No need to be another statistic thanks to Sue or Joe who took their winter tires off early or Sam that woke up late and is in a total rush!

And to lighten my mood I baked. I baked all day. Bread, and milk buns, and sugar puffs. I ate many, many of the sugar puffs while binge watching How to get away with murder...

I was home alone and I managed to get back to adulting by dinner time.

Mood changing helpers 


The #1 food craved by women now seems to have legitimate science backing up the popular forbidden fruit (yup, chocolate is a fruit – look it up!) Eating chocolate increases the levels of endorphins released into the brain, making one believe the claim that chocolate is a comfort food. The endorphins work to lessen pain and decrease stress. Another common neurotransmitter affected by chocolate is serotonin. Serotonin is known as an anti-depressant. One of the chemicals which causes the release of serotonin is tryptophan found in chocolate.

I always have a stash of chocolate bars hidden all the way at the back of the cupboard, for days when I cannot even put two sentences together! The caffeine in the chocolate helps too.

Here’s why we love chocolate so much!


You may be familiar with the mats, and have seen or tried some of the poses, but did you know yoga helps to improve your mood both in the short and long term? Many yoga styles teach meditation and deep breathing techniques to focus the mind completely on holding poses, thereby shutting out any other thoughts that may otherwise be preoccupying us, thus creating a physical and mental unison. One of the goals of yoga is to increase positive mood and decrease the feeling of anxiety or stress.mood-swings

Many yoga places take advantage of all the good things yoga provides and they turn around and charge unbelievable amounts to join the club. It helps to search around for places that have a walk-in fee or even free-to-join for a small donation.

I used to go to a place that had hot yoga classes and it was the best exercise I ever did. But the fees were killing my budget and after a while I stopped going. I joined a group of yoga enthusiasts that meet every now and again and they are part of the free-to-join for a small donation group.

I want to add swimming over here too. Water helps to loosen the joints. You feel weightless in the water and different moving exercises feel much easier to perform while floating. Community centers have great classes for a minimal entrance fee. I am not ready to join the ‘Y’ as yet.


You will never catch me dancing in public. I was never a club going kind of teenager. I would join my friends to be the purse bodyguard and/or designated driver. Loud music and prolonged ringing in my ears does no good to my wellbeing. And I’m almost sure I have two left feet…

But when I’m home alone, I put on a great show! I am the star of the dance floor and nobody can say otherwise. Broom stick? Best dance partner ever!

Afterwards, I nap!child-proof

Rigorous physical activity releases endorphins, or functioning neurotransmitters that resemble opiates in their abilities to produce analgesia and a feeling of well-being. They are produced by the pituitary gland during exercise, excitement, pain, some food consumption, love, and sexual activity. But it doesn’t stop there! For dancers who exert themselves for long periods of time, their brain releases even more mood-lifting neurotransmitters such as serotonin and norepinephrine.

They could just have a piece of chocolate for the same serotonin effect, but what do I know.

Fresh air

Long, crisp walks help our brain to disconnect. The sun may be damaging to some extent, but there’s good stuff that we get from it too. Sunlight hits the optical nerve (i.e eye) and some of that transferred light is sent to the gland in the brain in charge of melatonin, the hormone responsible for regulating sleep. In response, melatonin secretion decreases. When the sun goes down, the body increases its secretion of melatonin. Which brings me back to the April nasty weather we’re having and the constant mood to nap, rather than go out and face the other adults! last_fuck

At the same time, when the body perceives sunlight, serotonin levels increase, the hormone responsible for feelings of well-being. And the more sunlight the human body is exposed to, the more serotonin the brain produces, the more potential there is to be in great spirits!

Again, why not just have a piece of that good chocolate?


Got a hobby? Put it to use! Shut the door on the outside world and be productive. Let that next chapter on the novel start with a few paragraphs you come up with today! That knitting or crocheting project that you said you’ll finish last month, do it now! Or bake! I love to bake, but I am not so good at it. But I keep on trying and Mitchell is my guinea pig. He hates when I change the recipes and do my own substitutions, but I’m having lots of fun doing it!

So, pick up that dusty project and change your mood for the better.

Or just have a piece of chocolate!


7 Thoughts on “I need to be able to adult today

  1. I wish someone would invent consequenceless chocolate, basically CHOCOLATE FLAVOURED AIR so I could inhale the endorphins without having to do like a thousand burpees for all the chocolate I would otherwise scoff. I love it. Don’t like lollies, can do without potato chips, cake is… okay, but I could eat a tonne of chocolate a week. I love yoga, and did try hot yoga once – the super flexibility was a surprise! But afterwards I got a massive headache and still felt sick the next day. I’d been hydrating heaps beforehand so maybe it was just heat illness. So I haven’t tried it again!
    And you said you wouldn’t dance in public… wasn’t it you who was an extra in that Honey movie? Didn’t you dance in that?
    I love to dance badly around the house too.

    • oh I would sign up for a dozen “chocolate puffers” or 3! Dancing as an extra in Honey was like swinging from my left foot to my right foot with hands up in the air lol The scene I was in was shot in a club and I think there were at least 500 other people there! I made friends with 3-4 and we would stick together on the dance floor and laugh our heads off at watching people “giving their best” with no music in the background. I thank god Tia can’t speak else she would spill some “awful” secrets of my dancing moves at home, when no one’s watching (well, except her) hahahahha

      • And here I was picturing you breakdancing or something! lol that’s hilarious; AND doing it to no music. When people do that in the street they get looked at strangely and avoided.

        • hahahha I can only imagine. I had my fair share of encounters during university years in Downtown Toronto… we had an old guy standing at a busy corner road with a bible in his hand and every now and then he would yell “JESUS” or “PRAISE THE LORD” or “SHAME” or “BURN IN HELL”… who didn’t know him would get a sudden heart attack

          During the scene, they would say “everyone get ready”, they would turn the music on for about 10-15 seconds so everyone gets INTO IT and then take it off and we were supposed to continue BEING INTO IT!! it was hilarious

          • I’m picturing walking along drinking a takeaway smoothie and suddenly this old guy screams PRAISETHELORD!! in my face and I get such a fright I spit it everywhere. Is that something I need to watch out for in Canada? Sudden prayers?
            And if they turned the music off I’m assuming people wouldn’t be able to keep the beat of whatever song it was… I have to get that movie out now so I can watch you all dancing at different speeds!

  2. I’m sitting here eating some chocolate as I read! (A Milka bar to be exact.) 🙂 I’ve always wanted to try hot yoga…that sounds really intense. But, the budget thing is definitely an issue at this end right now, too. I really miss exercise. Before having my baby, I was borderline obsessive about getting a good workout in. Now I just blame all the broken sleep I get for why I’ve been slacking at it. But, I definitely feel the difference when I’m not active…and I’m ready to get started again. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Milka is the best!!! Hot yoga is a workout in the sauna lol I loved it because I felt the joints were looser due to the heat and I was able to do the poses easier. I’ve never been a person that regularly exercises, I would plan and plan to do it and half the time something else would come up. I worked in retail and the banking industry for quite some time and it kept me on my toes and moving, which counted for exercise in my books! I wished for an office job, away from people, and stress, etc. Then I got it! and gained 7-10lbs in less than 6 months!!! and of course I hated it and tried to workout on a side, which was not always successful hahahhaha life happens!

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