Romanian Rentz


Romanian Rentz is a card game of “compendium”, consist of several games (or “sub-games”) with different regulation. Most of them have a mechanism game based on tricks ( trick-taking game ), playing as a mechanism similar to bridge, but always without trump. Specific game annuity is that most sub-end gaming components are negative, the aim being to avoid tricks containing certain books.

The game can be played in 3 to 6 players, each using 8 cards per player.

Being a compendium game, each player has the right – rotation – to choose one of the available games, depending on the cards that have been dealt. The game will mark the chosen score table or in a separate table so that each player to choose every sub-game once.


A table is created that contains 8 games for each player (with scores):

  • King of Hearts (-80) — do not take the King of Hearts
  • Queens (-20 each) — do not take any Queens
  • Ten of Clubs (+80) — must take 10 of Clubs
  • Diamonds (-10 each) — do not take any Diamonds
  • Small Hands (tricks) (-10 each) — do not take any hands
  • Large Hands (tricks) (+10 each) — take all hands you can
  • Totals (add up all the negatives) — all previously mentioned “don’ts” count
  • Whist (every hand is 10 points)
  • Rentz ( I:+300, II:+200, III:+150, IV-100, V:+50, VI: 0) — game starts with a Jack and next players have to add own cards in sequence (left and right of the Jack). If no card to attach, player says Pass. First player to finish cards gets first place and 300 points. Game continues until last player finishes his/her cards.

The cards are selected as such that each player is dealt a total of 8 cards. With every turn, each player has the choice of games and starts the hand. During the play, each player must play the suit, and bigger number wins. There is no trump. Depending on the game – who takes the King of Hearts gets -80 points, who takes Queens gets -20 points per Queen, etc. For Totals game the negative games are all added, namely the King of Hearts, Queens, Diamonds. At this point, the score is mostly negative.

Rentz game is to display all the cards on the table in order, starting from the middle (Jack – 4 players; #10-5 players; #9-6 players). Who uses an Ace, has the right to play again and add one more card. If a player places an end-card (i.e #4) the next player is blocked for one round. First place is awarded to the one who finishes all cards in hand. First game of Rentz, players have the right to refuse it when proposed by an opponent, if one holds three heads (ie. #4). The following times it can only be refused only if 4 ends are present. If the player that has to make the game pick decides to not look at the cards first, and chooses ‘blindly’, the points are doubled for that round. If Rentz game is chosen, regardless of how many heads that player has, it cannot change his/her mind; in this case the game can be refused only by the players who have at least 4 ends of which 3 are identical (ie. 3 #4s and 1 Ace). Exception is made to the rule on the last game to be chosen by each player, when everyone knows what game will be played anyway.



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