I provided tree accommodations

fridaySaturdays are for sleeping in…

Saturdays are for lounging around in your PJs until dinner time…

Saturdays are for adventure – Sundays are for cuddling (I like that! Google recommended)…

Saturdays are for parties… said no farmer ever!

Saturdays are actually for … stocking up on animal feed, human food, coop cleaning, garden tilling, weeding, changing waters, wood cutting, cooking, baking, therapy among animals, and naps! … all chores that I absolutely love, else I would have not put myself into the predicament!

but I also never miss a sip of good coffee bright and early before the day really starts. 

On one of those Saturday we had a couple of appointments booked for people to come see the house. We woke up relatively late (when you wake up at 5:30am every day, 7-7:30am seems like you really slept in!) got ourselves ready, fed everyone, and put the dogs up. We have a big enclosure where the dogs can chill and not bother the people while they walk through the backyard.

We left the house around 9am and went grocery shopping with Tia of course in the back seat 😉


We didn’t get back until noon hour. The first thing I did was let the dogs back out from their enclosure. I didn’t even have the gate fully open when they rushed towards the veggie garden. Walking behind them I watched them try to climb the big ol’ tree and bark at it.

As I got closer I saw what they were barking at!

We named him Bobby!

We named him Bobby!! Bobby the ‘coon 🙂

The dogs stayed by the tree and protected the chickens from the racoon. Saturday night passed, Sunday night passed and they did not go too far from Bobby. I fed them at the other side of the yard to distract them a bit and see if Bobby would want to sneak off and go away. But nope, dogs would quickly, quickly move their food bowl back by the tree!

After we came back from work on Monday, I decided to feed the dogs late and, as the night fell, I locked them in their enclosure and watched for Bobby to wake up and go away! He did wake up… and started doing his routine of grooming and stretching … and took forever to leave! I didn’t even see him leave. I let the dogs back out around 10pm for the rest of the night, only to wake up in the morning with Bobby back in the tree!!! Little bastard snuck back up.

Tuesday passed and I followed the same procedures for the evening. Bobby did the same – woke up and left. And he was back the next morning!

By Wednesday afternoon, somehow Bobby made ‘friends’ with the dogs. I noticed they were not bothered with him anymore, but they still kept an eye on the tree to make sure he doesn’t try anything that would put the chickens in any danger. Bobby also moved from his initial sleeping spot, to a cozier one further up the tree.

Master bedroom arrangements

Master bedroom arrangements

Bobby left Friday night and hasn’t returned. That same weekend we also had the ice storm, so it was with mixed emotions to see that he didn’t come back. I was happy that he didn’t come because the tree did not offer any protection against the winds, snow, and rain. But I also got used to him being up there. I kind of missed him!


Do you have any stories of wild animal encounters? Do tell!

12 Thoughts on “I provided tree accommodations

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  2. Oh yeah, we have encounters all right. A few too many for my liking! I’ve written a few posts about it, including this one which details a 24 hour home invasion by various critters which I think reduced my lifespan by about 10 years due to shock! https://stillnotajournal.wordpress.com/2014/04/11/spiders-and-geckos-and-snakesoh-my-god/
    Most are nice though, we have about 20 different species of birds, including lorikeets, rosellas, galahs and cockatoos, and wallabies come around quite often.

    • I feel like when people say “Australian spider” I automatically think it’s the size of my head! Everything is so gigantic over there, but it could also be due to the enhanced stories that make it over here. I’ll check your post and try not to totally thrown off lol spiders are one thing I have to say I cannot stand – again, all the bad stories about the poisonous ones…

  3. We keep getting raccoons on the deck of the cabin. The guests have named them Poopsie and Bandit, and it’s pretty cool. However, when there are like 6 of them on the deck, it’s scary as hell.

    • (I should’ve named him Bandit too! that name suits him better lol) Raccoons look very cuddly from afar, but have them close and they are scary little monsters! and they are so smmmaaarrttt! I could see how fights could come out of 5-6 of them :S

  4. Maybe Mrs. Bobby got tired of Bobby never coming home so she put her paw down and said, “That’s it, mister. It’s me or the tree!”

    I love the photos of the dogs especially the one of Tia in the back seat. I think Tia really thinks that she is human sitting up so proudly there.

    • hahhahaha maybe that’s the case and a Mrs. Bobby had a fit!

      Tia sits nice and proper, like a human, on the couch at home and leaves an impression on all of our guests 🙂 I think it’s a Great Dane thing!

      • I was telling my son about Tia because he loves big dogs – the bigger, the better. What breed are the other dogs?

        • The other dogs are Great Pyrenees, known as Livestock Guardian Dogs. They are a bit smaller than Tia, roughly the size of a mature German Shepherd 🙂 and I know what you mean about “the bigger the netter” – Mitchell wants a Cane Corso next (he says all these dogs became “my dogs” he wants one to be only his! lol) and they are massive and so scary looking!

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