Dear reader: there’s a new den in my world!

…we interrupt our usual program to make an important announcement


Due to a flood of blogs that I started following, which I found to be so much more interesting, I decided to expand 🙂 and write my own ‘humorous’ little pieces on another blog. The link to the blog is the last Tab in the Menu (right-click to “Open in another tab” – I didn’t have that option in the Jetpack settings)

Liebster Award’s question “how did you come up with the blog name” really made me think hard about this new blog name. I came up with Sand in the bikini – A blog about the irritations of daily life.

It’s only a few days old and I only have a few posts, but I’m hoping to make it into a collage of pieces of the usual non-sense life throws at us.

Without further ado, I welcome you into the world of My Other Den (this link opens in a new tab)

I'd love to hear from you

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